What is The Government Spending on Food in Anna Canteens?Anna Canteens are not even one week old but they are already been deemed as the Biggest Successful Welfare Scheme of Telugu Desam Government. Piping hot food is being served in cleanly premises at a nominal cost of Five Rupees thrice a day.

It has become a boon to the poor and the middle class. There are allegations of massive corruption by the Opposition. Here is what exactly the government is spending on this highly subsidized meals. The contractors are serving Three Days Meal (One Breakfast + Two Meals) at 73 Rupees per day for each person.

The beneficiary will pay Fifteen Rupees per day which means the government will pay 58 Rupees per person for each day. Anna Canteens started with 350 person meal at each canteen and later increased to 500 persons a center.

So, the government is spending 29000 at each center every day. As of now, 60 Anna Canteens are operational and another 40 by this month-end. 103 more Canteens will be added by August 15th. Telugu Desam Party is expecting huge dividends from this scheme in 2019 Elections.