What is the fate of Telangana bill now?
Finally, Telangana bill is on its way to the President. It was a mixed result for both Telangana and Seema Andhra people now. Telangana people were content with the fact the bill is now with the President and there is enough time to put in Parliament. On the other side, Seema Andhra MLAs were happy that they could pass Chief Minister’s resolution to reject Telangana Bill. Technically AP Assembly rejected the bill even after Telangana MLAs did not participate in it.

What is the fate of Telangana bill now? As per the constitution, the President or the Parliament need not consider Assembly’s opinion in state bifurcation issue. In simple words, Center can divide a state if it wants to. On the other side, no state in independent India was ever divided with out the consent of the state Assembly. So, it the Telangana bill has to be placed in Parliament, President has to go against the tradition and ethics.

If the bill is placed, will it ever be passed? Again a very difficult question. UPA do not have the numbers to pass the bill in the parliament. It has to take the help of BJP in passing it. Will BJP help when there is no Assembly support? If at all, if BJP supports, the electoral gain in Telangana will go only to Congress or TRS. Will BJP support the bill when it has nothing to gain in Telangana and every thing to lose in Seema Andhra? They can evade giving support telling that they will grant the state with the consent of both sides after they are voted to power in 2014. So, here are all the possibilities regarding the fate of Telangana bill. Only time will decide what will happen in the next one month or so.