What Is Mudragada Padmanabham up To? - Kapu Satyagraha PadayatraKapu Strongman Mudragada Padmanabham is currently under house arrest. The Kapu Activist is keen on undertaking a Padayatra but is refusing to take the mandatory permissions from the Police Department. Since Section 30 is imposed in the state, no protest can be allowed without taking a prior permission.

But then Mudragada is refusing to take permission and at the same time, alleging that the government is hampering his freedom. Mudragada is alleging that no political yatra needs a permission. But then at the same time is conveniently ignoring the fact that his Kapu Gharjana meeting previously led to violence.

As per the rules of Section 30, any kind of protest have to be undertaken only with the prior permission. Also, those taking up such protests should give a declaration that they are ready to take responsibility in case of Violence and will payback for the loss of property in case according to Supreme court guidelines.