What if Telangana is not a reality before elections?

What if Telangana is not a reality before elections_

The Union Government is dealing the Telangana issue at a rapid pace hoping for a huge turnaround for Congress party in the Telangana region. But the fact remains the same, the party has no individual power to get the Telangana bill passed in Parliament. What if the bill does not pass and the elections happen in United AP?

  1. Congress will go with a slogan “Vote Congress and get Telangana” but the people who have pinned high hopes on the separate state may not believe Congress as much as they do today.
  2. Telugu Desam Party’s chances may get a little better in the Telangana region if the Separatists get disappointed. It is difficult assessing how much they are going to gain. If they themselves stop the bill with United AP stand, doors will be closed in Telangana region.
  3. Telangana Rashtra Samiti’s fortunes remain the same as of today. Also they will not have the threat of sentiment votes decimating between them and Congress.
  4. YSR Congress Party is going to be the biggest loser with their party totally wiped out in Telangana region.
  5. BJP – If the Telangana bill falls flat in Parliament due to BJP, doors are going to be closed for the party in the region. If it supports the bill yet the bill fails, it will go with a slogna ‘Vote BJP and get Telangana’. In the second case, an alliance with TDP may help.
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