What if Lagadapati Survey comes true?

Lets leave aside what happens to Jagan or YSR Congress. We will see the other side of the survey. BJP winning 270-280 MP seats which means the party will manage the simple majority required to form the government. In such case, we are going to see a party get absolute majority for the first time after 1984. But how is this going to affect the country or state. BJP alone forming the government will mean that Opposition or coalition partners will absolutely have no say in the decision making. If the BJP top brass under the influence of new found leadership takes good decision, Country will get to see phenomenal development and stable economy. There will be absolutely no blackmailing whatsoever.

On the other side, this scenario may not be good for the future of Seema Andhra. Chandra Babu Naidu during the last NDA tenure used to lobby at very intense level and used to get most of the funds for Andhra Pradesh than any other state. Since TDP is a very big partner for running the government, the then Prime Minister Vajpayee used to approve most of Chandra Babu requests. But with Modi not requiring Chandra Babu’s help, it has to be seen how much help will Seema Andhra get from the central government. Especially helping Seema Andhra out of box will mean that killing BJP’s prospects in Telangana where the party is relatively stronger. So, BJP getting absolute majority is not good for the newborn state. Lets hope NDA depends on Seema Andhra MP seats and yield good returns to us.