Us india students
The United State of America is drawing as much as 35 Billion USD to its economy from foreign students mainly from India, China and South Korea. These students who migrate to US for studies contribute the some in the form of tution fees and living cost. According to the prestigious Brookings Institute, Between 2008-2012, at least 4500 students from India, China and South Korea (at least 1500 from each country) contribute USD 21.8 billion in the form of tuition fees and USD 12.8 billion in living costs to 118 metro areas of the US.

As we dig deep in to the report, students from Mumbai and Hyderabad contribute over USD 1.25 billion to the American economy. Most of the foreign students in US opt for the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) category. Among those students opted for STEM, 31 per cent are from China, 27 per cent from India and five per cent from South Korea.Also Indian students from atleast 8 cities of India have the highest shares of their F-1 (student visa) students in STEM fields.