What Has Happened to Naidu Is Now Happening To KCR?Towards the end of Chandrababu Naidu‘s rule in 2014-19, we have seen certain bureaucrats raising the red flag against the Government and becoming bitter critics. We have seen bureaucrats like IYR Krishna Rao criticizing and making allegations on the Government.

Given their neutral and educated image, their allegations and criticism have become credible for the people and played a part in Chandrababu’s fall. We do not know who is behind it but exactly the same gameplan is being implemented in Telangana as well.

We have seen Former IPS, Praveen Kumar, making allegations against the Ruling Party and now, we have other former IPS VK Singh calling KCR’s seven years rule as most corrupt. “I will tour the entire state and expose the failures of the seven years government in seven months,” he says.

We will have to see if KCR will come up with a plan to counter this unlike his former boss, Chandrababu Naidu.