What exactly happened today in Lok Sabha?

While the Speaker did not allow Live telecast of Lok Sabha proceedings when house went disarray, commoners do not know what exactly happened in the house. Here are few inputs we got from various sources in Lok Sabha and we try to get the story.

Parliamentary affairs minister, Kamalnath sensing trouble in the house while tabling the bill made sure that few MPs of other states and other parties shield the Speaker and Home Minister Shinde while tabling the Telangana bill. They obstructed Seema Andhra MPs going near them. While the bill is announced, Telangana MPs also joined them and tried to obstruct Seema Andhra MPs from going towards Speaker and Shinde. In this episode, Telangana MPs tried to manhandle few MPs like Lagadapati and Venu Gopal Reddy. It was then Lagadapati took the pepper spray and started spraying on all the members. Ponnam Prabhakar who is all along with Lagapadapati got good dose of Pepper Spray on his face. On the other side, Venu Gopal Reddy tried to snatch the screwed mikes and managed to get one. He tried to pierce it in to his stomach only to be stopped by MP of another state. The MPs allotted by Kamalnath caught hold of Lagadapati and Telangana MPs managed to tie his hands.

It was then told that Lagadapati drank the left over Pepper spray (Unconfirmed reports). He fell down unconscious and was saved by Lok Sabha staff and was immediately shifted to nearby hospital on an ambulance. Ponnam Prabhakar was also shifted to hospital.