KCR- Telangana BJP Bandi Sanjay KumarCiting clerical errors and delays, the State Election Commission has put the Voter Turnout at 46.6%, a tad higher than what was it in 2016 (45.29%). But that does not change the fact that the voters have let down the city big time with their negligence towards their constitutional duty.

Coming to politics, TRS and BJP, the top contenders in this election are equally worried and hopeful. The lower turnout has many theories. Usually, voters tend to come in higher numbers to show the anti-incumbency if that is the case. TRS will be hopeful for this reason.

The BJP claims that their high decibel campaign has demotivated the voters of their rivals and they stayed back home without coming to the polling stations and so, the voter turnout is poor. So, they say all the votes polled are of their own. Both the reasons sound equally sensible and so, both the parties are worried and as well as hopeful.

The exit polls were barred because of the re-polling in the Old Malakpet division on Thursday and the results will be out on Friday. If BJP emerges as the single largest party in this election, it could potentially change the face of state politics.