What Did KCR Really Ask Sonia GandhiCongress Leaders always say that KCR asked Sonia Gandhi to make him as CM Candidate to merge TRS into Congress after the Separate Statehood is granted. KCR is also mum about this since then. But one of the TRS founding members, V. Prakash says something different.

In an interview, Prakash said KCR asked for PCC President since it would ensure that his loyalists will be given tickets. But the then in charge of Congress affairs in Telangana, Digvijay Singh did not accept it. Giving PCC President to KCR will mean that giving Congress party to him.

Congress refused the offer and confined itself to the main opposition role while KCR led TRS to a thumping victory and became the first Chief Minister of Telangana. He is also the hot favorite for a second term in 2019 elections.