What a Tragedy! Young Desi Students Drown in AustraliaTwo desi students who were from Kenya came to study in Australia and died in a rather heart-wrenching accident that was a mistake of sorts. The two girls, aged 20, were going to the deli where they worked alongside their studies, got drowned in the Toyota Corolla when they swerved off the road into the lake in Egerton Park, which happens to be near Perth.

Both girls, identified as Nidhi Lalji Hirani and Ruxmi Premji Vaghjihni, came to Australia to study nursing, and little did they know that disaster would strike so early in their lives. One man, who was identified as Singh, was the first one to spot them, and he called for help as he could not swim himself. One of the passersby stopped and swam with a wrench to break the car windows. But by then, the car was drowned, and the girls could not be saved.

One of the girls called KP Halai, the girls’ uncle, as they were drowning, but he too could not do much. Finally, it was the WA Police who recovered the bodies. The girls were students of Edith Cowan University and were associated with Bennett Springs’ Shree Swaminarayan Temple and so any possibility of them taking alcohol or drugs is being ruled out. The investigation is on to find the actual cause.