KCR BRS MeetingBRS chief KCR has firmly set his eyes on national politics. He held a meeting in Telangana today and the same was attended by four chief ministers from across the country.

Addressing the public, KCR spoke at length about how Congress and BJP have ruined the country over the last few decades. All these parties do is blame each other before the elections and beg for votes, KCR said.

“In 2024, we are going to Delhi and Modi is going home. This is guaranteed. Modi’s incompetence won’t be tolerated. BRS is now demanding Modi to implement Dalit Bandhu program across the nation and benefit 25 lakh Dalit families per year. If he doesn’t, then we will,” KCR said.

The BRS chief added that “BJP’s motive is socialisation of losses and privatisation of profits. This government is hell bent on privatisation. We won’t let that happen. We will boost the public sector after getting voted to power in 2024”.