Demonetization Effect Indian Wedding MarriagesMarriages Planned in the next few weeks are the most affected due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s Demonetization. Indian Weddings are all about big money as people tend to spend most of their life time earnings on the marriages of their children. Payments and gifts in marriages are all in Cash.

Several Marriages were postponed due to the acute cash crunch as all the wedding related business are refusing the accept old denominations. Muhuraths which can not be postponed are making sure that the wedding expenses are downsized. As per the new trend, the bride’s families are giving the dowry in Cheques.

In cases were the bridegroom families are refusing cheque payments, bride families are assuring them that they will give cash later on and take back the cheques. Relatives who are attending the marriages are also offering gifts in the form of cheques as they want to preserve the limited cash they have.