Ganta-Srinivas_Nara_Lokesh_TDPGanta Srinivasa Rao was away from the party for around four years. Ever since the Government changed, he always stayed away and gave chance for speculations. At times, he even skipped Chandrababu Naidu’s tours to Vishakapatnam.

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There were rumors he would join YSR Congress, BJP, or Janasena but somehow that did not happen.

The weather in Andhra Pradesh changed all of sudden with the MLC elections.

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Suddenly there is a change in the atmosphere and TDP created a sensation by winning all three MLC seats.

Ganta came before the media and created hulchul as if he has engineered the victory of TDP. He is also trying to stay in news by making comments on the ruling party now.

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It is evident that he is trying to be in the good books of the party and the cadre.

Ganta is a perfect weather expert when it comes to sensing the mood of the public.

While the TDP cadre is upset with this behavior, they take it as a perfect indication of good things to come.