We Will End Our Lives: Kodi Kathi Srinu ParentsYS Jagan’s Kodi Kathi incident is one of the most sensational occurrences in the Telgu states politics. It started off as a sensational incident and later diluted. But there is one person who is facing the terrible consequences of the development and that is Srinu who is allegedly the culprit.

Srinu is still at Rajamouli prison and it is not even that he is not on trial either. He isn’t found guilty in the case yet but he has been in jail for the last 4 years.

Incidentally, the parents of Kodi Kathi Srinu have expressed their dire grief over the incident. “Our son has been in jail for 4 years and we weren’t let to meet him at least once till now. He is not even found guilty in the case and there is no investigation either. He was our only caretaker and without him, we are facing a lot of troubles.”

The parents added that “There are people who are getting away with murders. But our son is not getting justice. If this continues, we will be left with no option but to go to Rajahmundry jail and end our lives if our son doesn’t get justice.”