gangula kamalakarTelangana Minister Gangula Kamalakar made a sensational statement. Speaking to the media, Gangula made critical comments on YS Sharmila‘s political party. “Jagannanna Banam is coming. Slowly Jagan will come and Chandrababu will follow,” Gangula said.

“We will have to fight once again in Telangana. We have to fight with the traitors of Telangana. We all should save KCR or else, we may go back to the United State. Andhra leaders are planning to rob out water and current. Only KCR can save us,” he warned the people.

It looks like Telangana Rashtra Samiti has got the ‘Sentiment’ plank once again with Sharmila’s foray into Telangana politics. With the party feeling the heat due to BJP’s resurrection in the state, it has come in handy at the right time.

On the other side, Sharmila is planning to take up ‘Puttinullu Andhra – Mettinillu Telangana’s as her party slogan to counter these allegations.