Dr-Vundavalli-Sridevi-The Gadapa Gadapaku program was held on Friday in the capital village of Dondapadu.

Tadikonda MLA Undavalli Sridevi, who attended the event, faced protests from the capital’s farmers. A large number of farmers and women reached the camp in the village on Friday evening after learning that the MLA was coming to Dondapadu village.

Later, when the MLA was coming, they came on the road and protested. They gave slogans that the MLA who did not keep her word should resign. They also shouted ‘Go Back’ slogans against the MLA who did not contribute to the development of Amaravati.

They shouted the slogans they do not want the MLA of three capitals.

Fearing the protests, the MLA entered the village through another route instead of coming from that side.

An activist named Balaswamy from YSR Congress stopped MLA Sridevi while garlanding the statue of YSR in the village. Immediately the police and activists pulled him aside.

After the MLA garlanded the statue of YSR, he removed the garland and threw it down, causing an uproar.

Speaking on this occasion, the farmers criticized the local MLA for not talking to them even though they have been protesting for 941 days against the three capitals.