Watered-Down Version of IPL Soon?The fourth phase of the nationwide Lockdown has started from today. In the Guidelines for this phase of Lockdown, the Government of India allowed the Sports Stadiums to re-open. Sports can be held in stadia but without Spectators. This is probably to ensure a watered-down version of IPL in the coming months.

We may not watch the matches’ lives but can enjoy them on Television. But then, the question is about the participation of foreign players. As of today, India has suspended all kinds of Visas and there are no international flights as well. Norms should be eased to facilitate their travel.

Players may be needed to submit their Corona-free Medical Certificates and will have to undergo Corona Test on their Arrival. The matches will be played only in few venues to prevent travel. Team Meetings, Dressing Room Sharing, Celebrations during the game will all be different maintaining the social-distancing.

BCCI is likely to reveal the plan very soon. Two Days Ago, BCCI President, Sourav Ganguly revealed that not hosting IPL would cause a loss of 4,000 Crore to the Cricketing Body. The players and the support staff will also suffer huge losses. But with no audience in the stadia, the game will be never the same.