Vijayawada AirportYou might not believe your own eyes watching the video on how Vijayawada airport looks like now. There was no clue how the interior is going to look like till now and after having a glance at it, one can’t be without appreciating it.

Though the video doesn’t cover everything, it gives an idea on the level of the design that the new airport has got. The airport is not just classy and modern, but also carries the heritage and the culture of Amaravati through the art of painting and the AV’s played over a few points. The interior makes one’s jaw drop for sure.

Not just the looks wise but also the technology and the capacity to handle the growing traffic of air passengers in future is impressive. As said by the Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju, the extended terminal once completed, will be able to land the biggest aircraft Boeing 747.