Priyanka-Gandhi-Charms-Her-Way-into-the-CommonersPriyanka Gandhi Vadra who is the AICC general Secretary for eastern Uttar Pradesh is trying to mingle with the people as a commoner. The other day she was seen smiling as children chant anti-Modi slogans in a video but alarmed them when they tried to use a cuss word against Modi and now another video of her is going viral on social media.

A video of Gandhi playing with snakes as she interacts with snake-charmers in Rae Bareli surfaced now. She is seen saying her nervous supporters that the snakes were harmless and that they should not worry. However, this video created a new controversy as BJP alleges that Charming Snakes is a violation of the Wildlife Act.

The Election Commission’s ‘Manual on Model Code of Conduct’ urges political parties from resisting using animals or paying for them to be used in election campaigns. As per the Regulation of Road Shows During Elections, the use of animals in roadshows is banned. So, BJP has complained to the Election Commission about Priyanka.