Hema-MaliniOne cannot control their laughter watching this video of the senior actress turned MP trying to sweep the road. The video of Hema Malini is going viral on the internet with the people are rolling on the floor laughing and look at the comments, they are more hilarious.

As you see, Hema Malini was participating in Modi’s initiative, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ along with the Finance minister Anurag Thakur as they together swept the roads outside the Parliament in Delhi. Poor Hema Malini holding the visibly long broomstick tried her best to pretend she was actually cleaning the road, but wish she only knew that the broom needs to touch the floor to be able to clean.

The broom was mostly in the air and the netizens started off with hilarious comments. Some wrote after purifying the water(Kent RO ad), Hema Malini is purifying the air with the broom. No offense, Thakur did a better job. Check out the video and have a pleasant laughter.