YSRCP TDP OfficesAndhra Pradesh politics has got a sudden jolt out of no where. Multiple offices of the main opposition party, TDP including the Central Office in Mangalagiri have come under attack by unidentified miscreants. TDP Spokesperson Pattabhi’s residence is also vandalized.

The attacks appear like well coordinated as they happen at different places of the state at the same time and in a similar manner as if someone is coordinating them from somewhere. The timing of these attacks came as a surprise because there is no triggering point. TDP leaders and cadre are fuming at this what they call as Goonda Raj.

“Jagan Reddy we will remember everything, said a post on TDP’s Twitter handle. Media reports suggest that Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has talked to the Union Home Minister’s office and apprised them about lawlessness in Andhra Pradesh. He was promised about protection with Central forces.

Watch multiple videos of attack on TDP offices going viral on social media: