Anjan out on BailEarlier, a youngster from Andhra Pradesh named Anjan was taken into police custody by Andhra Pradesh police over the allegation that he shared a few social media posts against chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

It is reported that over 10 police were deployed to detain Anjan yesterday and this in turn created a scene. The parents have been worried about the well-being of their son as no update in this connection was given to them.

Cut to now, after several hours of waiting and tension, Anjan was released from police custody. He was set free by the police a short while ago.

The parents breathed a sigh of relief after their son walked free. Meanwhile, this arrest has been drawing backlash from the common public on social media.

“Anjan is an educated young lad with a master’s degree in mechanical networking. The fact that the police detained him over the allegation of social media posts shows the hostile method of operations of the YCP government” a netizen commented.