Was KCR Lying All The While Now?Telangana Cabinet, the other day, cleared the proposal for a census of BC Population in the state which will help conducting the Local Body Elections (Reservations) and implementation of the social welfare schemes. This comes as a total surprise as the state government always claimed it has comprehensive data of the state.

In the first year of its coming to Power, the TRS Government has conducted a comprehensive survey bringing the state to a standstill. Since then, the state government has always maintained that it has extensive data about the state population. Either the government is lying or it is conducting another survey purposelessly.

Ahead of the elections, TRS Government is gearing up to shower sops on all the sections of the society to win back their votes. After covering farmers, the government has targeted the BCs who forms the major chunk of the population in the state. The government also wanted to go for Panchayat Elections as a show of strength but the high court stalled it citing Reservation issues.