Warning Signs For Jagan In Kadapa: Senior Politician Kadapa Senior leader Mysoora Reddy has been away from Politics for a while but his sons are active in YSR Congress. Mysoora who was called perfect political mind during his Prime made interesting comments about the mood of AP.

“There are clear signs of anti-incumbency. Recently Chandrababu came to Kadapa. It is quite common that political parties have to congregate people for such rallies. But it is not the case here. They got it into any available vehicle and went there,” Mysoora said.

“It is like people are not content only with welfare schemes or may be they are feeling it is not enough. The Government should take this seriously and work on it,” he added.

“I know Kadapa politics for 35 years. Seeing which people went and their response. Definitely something is happening on the ground,” he says and that should be a warning for Jagan Government.