TRS leads  in Warangal  bielectionsWarangal people seem to have reinforced its faith on the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti in the recent Lok Sabha by-election. Even after being 18 months in power, TRS still manages to win the people’s mandate busting the myth of the anti-government vote.

The victory is also not of any small proportions, TRS has bagged more than 68% votes of the total votes polled which itself is a sensational victory. Currently, by the end of the eighth round, TRS is having a whopping 2.5 Lakh majority and it looks like the party may even cross its previous majority (4 Lakhs) here.

TRS was helped by the Telangana sentiment and it is aided by some extensive campaigning by big heads of the party. Moreover, a lack luster opposition failed to convince people of themselves being a formidable alternative force. All in all, this will be a shot in the arm of the ruling party and will act as an energizer to face the difficult GHMC elections ahead.

UPDATE: TRS MP Candidate Pasunuri Dayakar won with huge Majority of 4,59,092 votes. All the opposition parites lost their deposits.

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