War of Words between BJP and TDP!
The old friends and to be new friends, Bharatiya Janta Party and Telugu Desam Party are just not getting on well with each other. Both the parties are not coming to an agreement in seat sharing. It was Chandra Babu Naidu who asked BJP not to over estimate themselves and recognize the line and be flexible in seat sharing so that Congress do not get benefited. BJP’s Senior Leader Venkaiah Naidu retorted a bit harsh in this issue. “TDP should not think it is the only big party. Parties seeking alliance should learn to respect its partners too”.

However Venkaiah still confirmed that the talks between TDP and BJP are on for an alliance and it is due to that reason, BJP did not announce its candidates in AP. Venkaiah also lashed at CBN, “Why did Chandra Babu earlier make Seema Andhra in to Singapore?”. He asked similar question to Chiranjeevi who is promising to make every city in Seema Andhra as developed as Hyderabad. BJP’s Prakash Javadekar and Arun Jaitley are in discussions with TDP leaders regarding the alliance.