War Looms- as Pakistan Intrudes into Indian AirspaceWar seems to be impending between India and Pakistan. A day after Indian Air Force struck the Terrorist Training Camp in Pakistan, the situation is tense across the Line of Control. Reports are that Pakistani Air Force jets tried to violate Indian airspace at the LoC near Nowshera Sector of Rajouri of Jammu & Kashmir.

Indian Air Force which was well prepared pushed them back immediately. Later on, it was said that Indian Air Force has shot down a Pakistan Air Force F16 which violated Indian Airspace around Lam in Nowshera sector. The aircraft fell inside Pakistan. Pakistan also made a similar claim.

Pakistan Defence Ministry claimed that it has shot down two IAF aircrafts. While one fell in PoK, other fell in Kashmir. Pakistan Army says it has arrested an Indian pilot as well. No official confirmation from the Indian Air Force yet. Meanwhile, an Indian Fighter Jet crashed in Budgam killing both the pilots onboard

Indian Air Force say that the crash happened due to a technical snag while Pakistanis on Social Media claim it as the achievement of Pakistan Air Force. Conditions as it stands now indicate that a war may imminent with both the sides looking for revenge. India has won all the three wars on Pakistan till now.