Taraka_Ratna_ParentsNandamuri Taraka Ratna passed away on Sunday and the final rites will happen later this evening. The family members and people across the Telugu states are coming to the Film Chamber where his body is kept for public visitation.

YSR Congress supporting media had stooped to a pathetic low by tormenting the family. Taraka Ratna’s father and mother were not seen at the actor’s residence on Monday because Taraka Ratna’s mom, Sita was admitted to a hospital.

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She has been unwell even before Taraka Ratna collapsed and her health further deteriorated seeing Taraka Ratna’s condition. But sensing a political opportunity at their missing, this media house had written that Taraka Ratna’s parents did not come to see their son for the last time because they were offended by his inter-caste marriage.

Today, Mohana Krishna and Sita have come to Film Chamber. In the video, we can see her so feeble and even struggling to walk.

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Sita wept uncontrollably touching her son. The glass covering around the body was removed so that she can touch her son one last time.

Her daughter Rupa is trying to control her mother while Mohana Krishna’s face is filled with profound sadness.

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It is a blatant lie that they stayed away from Taraka Ratna.

Mohana Krishna was in fact seen in the pictures of Bengaluru hospital when NTR and Kalyan Ram visited Taraka Ratna.

We have already seen YCP trying to use Taraka Ratna for their political benefits and now to use even the parents is Seva Rajakeeyam and they are nothing but vultures.