Vulgar Dances At YCP MLA's Bday CelebrationsOn the occasion of Prakasam District Darshi MLA Maddisetty Venugopal‘s birthday, a program organized by YSR Congress leaders on Tuesday night got controversial.

A stage was set up across the main road at the local clock tower junction.

In the name of cultural activities, some YSR Congress activists made young women dance vulgarly and also danced with them in an intoxicated state.

It is noteworthy that these dances were held after 12 o’clock after the MLA cut his Birthday cake. The MLA did not stop them.

This celebration and vulgar dances happened at a very close distance to the local police station but the authorities did not pay any attention.

They even set up mikes and speakers for this celebration but still, the police did not care.

The videos of these vulgar dances have gone viral on social media.