YS-Jagan-VolunteersWe are on the 13th of this month but most employees in Andhra Pradesh are yet to receive their salaries. The government exhausted all options of going into overdraft and is struggling.

The Government needs 2000 Crore to pay the salaries. Previously, government employees used to fight for PRCs and DAs. Now times have changed and they are hitting the streets for as basic as salaries.

Earlier Government jobs are known for their security and salaries exactly on the 1st of every month. Times have changed so much now as employees are made the last priority after distributing all freebies.

Usually, Government employees and teachers play a crucial role in the conduct of elections. Fearing backlash, Jagan Government already amended the act and removed teachers from election duty. In all probability, something should be done to remove all government employees from election duty.

“There are reports that the Government is planning to have Secretariat staff for the conduct of elections. Even they are not happy with the government. If Jagan has to win the election, he should use volunteers for the conduct of the elections,” the Opposition is mocking.