Volunteers Running A Parallel System for YSR CongressThe State Election Commission once again asked the Volunteers to stay out of Municipal elections and said any deviation will be dealt severely. The SEC earlier gave a similar order to them during Panchayat Elections. Volunteers System is brought up by YSR Congress after coming to power.

One volunteer is allotted to every 50 households to ensure various welfare schemes reach to them. Since they are appointed by YSR Congress and without following any interview process, most of them were party supporters. These Volunteers know in and out of the households they work for.

“In a way, they have the complete data of the households which has become very handy for YSR Congress. There are some people who do not want to irk them (especially old people receiving pensions) and so follow their instructions in voting during the elections. So, these people work for YSR Congress,” TDP leaders allege.

If at all YSR Congress loses 2024 elections, there is no guarantee to these jobs. Some of them are not happy with the meager salary they get and the work burden. But there is no other way because their jobs are not guaranteed in other parties rule. Almost every opposition party carried bad opinion about the system. So, they naturally work for YSR Congress.