Vizianagaram TDP: Needs Immediate AttentionFormer Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had gone into election mode. We have seen Naidu touring the districts and Lokesh will begin his tours after Mahanadu.

Chandrababu recently toured Srikakulam and Vishakapatnam. Vizianagaram between both these districts needs immediate attention of the TDP President.

Vizianagaram is a strong forte of TDP ever since its inception but has received shocking results in 2019. Very little has been done after 2019 to steady the ship here.

The party despite having a strong cadre base lacks proper leadership to lead the party.

Ashok Gajapathi Raju, the party’s veteran leader is fighting his own battles with the government.

Aditi Gajapathi Raju, TDP Vizianagaram Parliament in charge is totally inactive. Senior leader Meesala Geetha was upset with the party after being denied a ticket in 2019.

She opened a separate party office and is working independently.

TDP Vizianagaram Parliamentary president Kimidi Nagarjuna is inexperienced and could not command the in charges who are much senior to him.

KA Naidu of Gajapathinagaram has issues with Karanam Siva Rama Krishna of the same party.

Except for Bobbili and Cheepurupalli, the party leadership has been very disappointing.