Vizag-YSRCP-MP-MVV-SatyanarayanaEenadu has exposed Vijaysai Reddy’s dubious land deals in Vishakapatnam, now it is the turn of Vishakapatnam YSRCP MP MVV Satyanarayana.

MVV Satyanarayana who is a real estate developer is constructing a project in 10.57 acres of land. The land belongs to 64 owners who have agreed to never before deal with the MP.

Usually in land owners and developers deals, land owners get big shares as the land value in cities is skyrocketing. It is a no Brainer in the case of a city like Vishakapatnam.

But these 11 land owners have agreed to give away their share for a paltry 0.96%. They have offered the MP the remaining 99.04%.

This is probably first of its kind real estate in the World. And Vishakapatnam has recorded such a deal courtesy the Ruling Party MP.