Andhra-police-dial 100The Dial 100 service rolled out by the Police department in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana always have the problem of receiving more fake calls than the genuine ones. But the problem is successfully countered in Vishakpatnam and people there are making best use of the service.

Dial 100 received as many as 53,500 calls till April 20, 2015 since 2013 of which 31,000 complaints were registered and only 1,560 (2.91 per cent) were prank calls. The fake calls percentage is much less than that of the average prank calls received in other districts. Interestingly, the entire Andhra Pradesh state put together 90% of Fake calls on Dial 100.

Most of the calls received on this service are regarding road accidents, suicides, group clashes, property offences and petty crimes. The police usually reach the spot within seven minutes and inform the control room about the status of the complaint so that the authorities would register each and every detail.