Vizag Court Refuses Remand For AyyannapathruduThe opposition parties have been calling out the Andhra Pradesh police department for acting in the interests of the state government. Incidentally, the AP police has been under the pump since earlier today for arresting TDP senior leader Ayyannapathrudu and his son Rajesh at their residence.

It was announced that Ayyannapathrudu was arrested for a certificate forgery case and his son Rajesh was arrested in a land grab case.

Cut to now, Vishaka Chief Metropolitan Court has refused to give remand order for Ayyannapathrudu and Rajesh. The judge agreed with the view of the lawyers of Ayyanna’s council that the arrest is not in accordance with the procedures.

Meaning there is no possibility of arrest or need of bail for Ayyanna and his son Rajesh. This has come as a big jolt to AP government.

TDP troops in Andhra Pradesh have been protesting against the arrest of Ayyanna and they are in a celebratory mood now.