Vivekananda Reddy CaseThe YS Viveka murder case is firmly tightening against the YCP top brass as YS Avinash Reddy was recently questioned by the CBI, and also, a man named Vijay who serves Jagan and his wife Bharathi is allegedly in the CBI’s radar now.

Now, an advocate named Gopala Krishna Kalanidhi has made some serious comments in the context of Viveka murder case investigation.

“They(accused in Viveka case) approached me through third parties to get the bail in this case. They didn’t want me to argue or anything. They wanted me to buy the judge outrightly and then get the bail. They offered me Rs 5 crores for the process” the advocate stated in an interview.

He added that the suspected men said to him they wouldn’t give him a single rupee before the bail is issue but once the job is done, I will receive full payment for Rs 5 crores at once.

“I can’t show you the proofs on WhatsApp now as they have deleted these messages.” The advocate said in a YouTube interview. This clipping is now all over the internet and it further instates the fear factor YCP is having in connection with the whole case.