Viveka Murder Case: Main Accused Bail RejectedThe CBI has really started to crack up the YS Viveka murder case and the screws are tightening around YS Avinash Reddy as he is named as the principal perpetrator in the murder.

The latest news is that the main accused in the case. Sunil Yadav’s bail petition was rejected by the High Court Of Telangana.

Sunil’s lawyer argued that the former is not being given right to his freedom as per the Article 21 and requested the bail.

The CBI argued that the case is at a crucial juncture now and if Sunil is set free, there’s a chance he might influence the witnesses.

After listening to both the arguments, the High Court decided to reject Sunil’s bail plea and opines that not influencing the witnesses is more important in this case than personal freedom.

Incidentally, Avinash had to attend the CBI investigation for the second time recently. And now, the bail plea of the main accused has been rejected. It is clear that CBI has started to crank it up a notch.