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VIT and SRM to commence Classes in Amaravati

VIT and SRM to commence Classes in AmaravatiVIT University and SRM University which are under construction at Inavolu and Neerukonda respectively in the capital region of Amaravati will begin classes from coming academic year — from July 19 at VIT and SRM from August 7.

VIT is going to have 660 graduations, 120 postgraduation and 50 Ph.D. seats. VI is going to invest 1200 crore by 2022 in building the campus in an area of 60 lakh sqft to accommodate 12,000 students. SRM is going to come up in 10 lakh sqft area at a cost of 3000 crores.

This year SRM is going to have 240 students. The construction is almost complete. Apart from these two, the state government is trying to bring in international institutions to the capital before 2018 in order to make Amaravati an economic growth engine of the State.Nagarjuna Akkineni Behind Sumanth DivorceDon’t MissNagarjuna Behind Akkineni Hero’s Divorce?Whenever Sumanth comes out to give interviews or for media interactions, one question on his…Ram-Charan--Laziest-Star-Hero-of-2017-in-TeluguDon’t MissLaziest Star Hero of 2017 in TeluguDon’t go by the literal meaning of the title rather think about the one-star hero…US-BO-It-Nani-MCA-Vs.-Vikram-Kumar-Hello-MovieDon’t MissUS BO: It’s Nani Vs Vikram KumarWhile Akhil may prove to be a factor in the Telugu states due to the…Pawan Kalyan - MLA RojaDon’t MissPawan Kalyan’s 400 Cr Package with TDP!Roja has become the official spokesperson of YSRCP who seems to be the first one…MLA roja on Pawan Kalyan Gundu ControversyDon’t Missపవన్ కళ్యాణ్ కి గుండు కొట్టించింది నిజమే – రోజాబండ్ల గణేష్ తో ఇటీవలే జరిగిన వివాదం వాళ్ళ కావొచ్చు మరొకటి కావొచ్చు, వైకాపా ఎమ్మెల్యే రోజా పూర్తిగా పవన్…