Vishaka Steel Plant: New Controversy Brewing? In a question asked by TDP Rajya Sabha MP Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar, the Central Government has clarified that surplus land and other non-core assets in respect of RINL (Visakhapatnam Steel Plant) will be hived off

They do not form part of Disinvestment transaction. Vishakapatnam Steel Plant has a huge land parcel acquired a long ago. Some of the people who have parted their lands for the Steel Plant still did not get the compensation and jobs they were promised.

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Some of them were demanding that their lands should be given back. When there is no Steel Plant in the public sector, the central government will obviously do not have the ground to retain the lands. So, there is a merit in the demand of the land losing people asking to return their lands.

If Central Government monetizes the Steel Plant and also sell the surplus land and other non-core assets to make money, it is grave injustice to those who gave the lands for a purpose.

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