virat-kohli-narrowly-escapes-funny-accusation-sugar-mintThe cricketing world was taken by storm when the International Cricket Council (ICC) declared captain of the South African team, Faf du Plessis as guilty of ball-tampering. Plessis’ offense was that he used the sugar from a mint that he was sucking on to shine the ball in play. Consequently, the player was fined the whole of his match fee.

Interestingly enough, Indian cricket team Captain, Virat Kohli, has also been caught on camera apparently doing the same thing during the first Test against England in Rajkot. International cricket rules forbid players from using any artificial substance to shine the ball in an attempt to make it swing. Considering the penalty doled to Plessis, this list of artificial substances now clearly includes sugary saliva.

Fortunately for Virat Kohli, the incident only came to light yesterday and the cricket rules state that no action can be taken against a player for any offense once five days have elapsed.