Virat Kohli making 1.5 Crore a day! Virat Kohli – India’s Test Captian is having a dream run right now. He is almost single handedly steering the team to several victories. Along with that his brand value is also increasing. Already Kohli has beaten the rest of the team in terms of his endorsement fee. For an instance, his MRF bat fetched him 8 crore as compared to MS Dhoni’s Rs 6 crore.

Kohli currently has 13 brands under his belt including MRF, Pepsi, Adidas, Audi, Vicks, Boost, USL, TVS, Smaash, Nitesh Estate, Tissot, Herbalife, and Colgate. According to an estimate, Kohli makes on an average, Rs 1.5 crore a day for his brands while Dhoni gets between Rs 1 and 1.5 crore. Experts say if he manages to get the ongoing T20 World Cup to India, more brands will follow him.

Dhoni has around 15 endorsement deals but experts say, the value and nature of the deal gives Kohli the edge. Brands have long term agreements with Kohli while with Dhoni they have only one year agreement since his retirement is round the corner. Lets see where the young tycoon lands up finally!