USA Police Shot Indian TeenIt’s that time of the year when many US citizens look to travel to India. For some it is the yearly holiday, for some it’s escaping the mad rush of Christmas and for some, it is traveling to warmer climes. And owing to the huge numbers headed towards India, the US has issued Level 2 travel advisories irking many.

However, a spate of India-phobic incidents has created fury among US Indians. In one incident at Purdue University, an Indian student was stabbed multiple times by his roommate and in another incident, a teen who was eating his McD burger in his vehicle at a parking spot was shot multiple times by a San Antonio police officer with no provocation whatsoever.

This video of the teen getting shot by the cop went viral and has hurt the reputation of the US badly.

Indians are wondering to what category the US needs to be put in, following a spate of incidents and widespread online hate. Are they even eligible to even issue advisories to other countries when the situation is so worse in their own country?

The USA has four different levels and to give you an idea, Level 1 (white) is given to countries that are safest and Level 4 is given to countries that are primarily no travel zones. Incidentally, Afghanistan and Myanmar are in the Level 4 category while Pakistan and China have been put in Level 3. Similarly, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, and Sri Lanka are in the Level 2 category like India, while Bhutan is in the Level 1 category.

It’s high time that the world’s ‘first country’ wakes up to the law and order situation in its own country and takes appropriate action when needed before pointing fingers at countries like India.