Vellampalli_Srinivas_YSRCPYSR Congress MLAs are continuing to struggle with the questions of the people in Gadapa Gadapaku program. This time it is the turn of former minister Vellampally Srinivas.

A youth has questioned the minister in the 50th division of Vijayawada municipal corporation. The young man alleged that Vellampally resorted to massive corruption and never cared for his constituency.

The former minister thundered on the youth and threatened him with dire consequences. Even then, he did not budge.

Vellampally finally ordered the police to take him into custody and register a case on him.

The video has gone viral on social media.

If a former minister can not control his anger in the public and before cameras, we can imagine how high they are on power,” people are criticizing.

This has been the case with almost every YSR Congress MLA. They are being flooded with questions by the public and are losing cool in desperation.

The videos of such incidents are going viral on social media and are causing more damage to the party.