Viral Video: YSR Congress Cadre Thrash Janasena LeaderJanasena Party has called for a protest against the bad roads in Andhra Pradesh. Pawan Kalyan called on the people to take part in a social media campaign to highlight the problem and force the state government to take action. Meanwhile, in Srikakulam, a Janasena supporter put up a Flexi highlighting the problem.

This has angered the local YSR Congress supporters. Unable to tolerate the dissent, the furious party workers thrashed him. The shocking part is that they did that in the presence of the police. Janasena supporters are tweeting in solidarity to the attacked leader condemning the behavior of the ruling party.

They are alleging that Speaker Tammineni Sitaram’s men are behind this attack and are demanding that the police should register a case and send those responsible behind the bars. Meanwhile, the Janasena party has claimed the campaign to be a massive success with more than 6.2 Lakh people participating (Until Saturday afternoon).

Watch the video which is currently going viral on social media:

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