YS-Sharmila--YS-Vijayamma-Slaps-Telangana-Women-Police-ConstableYS Sharmila had been particularly agressive in Telangana politics. As it appears, she is willing to project herself as a fierce leader in Telangana.

Now, in a new development, Sharmila has seemingly slapped and pushed away a female police officer earlier today.

Going into the story, Sharmila was intended to be kept under house arrest today. Notwithstanding the same, the YSRTP chief barged out of her house in lotus pond, Hyderabad.

A few police officers tried to stop Sharmila and she turned increasingly agitated with the same. In a viral video, it can be seen that Sharmila is slapping and pushing away a female cop.

Sharmila then sat in protest in front of her residence. The police then shifted her to Jubilee Hills police station to pacify the situation and bring things under control.

Incidentally, in a more shocking development, YS Vijayamma who came to the Jubilee Hills Police station to see Sharmila, went on to slap another police constable who was on duty. The videos of Sharmila and Vijayamma slapping on-duty police constables are now going viral on social media.

Netizens are now finding fault with Sharmila and Vijayamma for attacking a female police officer who is just disposing of her duties.