Jagan_Shamed_Himself_For_Just_5_Lakhs!The last week, Bapatla Water Resources Department has called for tenders and the terms and conditions set for the tenders have drawn widespread criticism.

The department made it clear that they would pay the contractors only when they have the money. The provision stipulates that one should not go to court if the money is not paid in a timely manner.

Those ready to accept these conditions should only participate in the tenders, the rules said.

These terms and conditions already shamed the Government.

TDP Spokesperson GV Reddy added further insult. He revealed complete details of this tender.

In a Television debate, GV Reddy revealed how the tender is for work worth just five Lakh rupees and is for clearing the hyacinth in canals.

“Gaddi Peekadaniki dabbulu lekapothe inka tenderlu pilavadam endhuku?,” GV Reddy mocked Jagan Government.

It looks like the Government shamed itself for a trivial amount of five lakh rupees.