buggana rajendranath reddy gadapa gadapaku programThe Gadapa Gadapaku woes of YSR Congress leaders seem to be unending. It is the turn of Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy on Sunday.

Buggana toured 30th ward in Dhone town and explained to the people the benefits they got from the government welfare schemes.

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The minister reached out to the house of a woman named Madhavi. But the woman shocked the minister saying that what is so great about giving their own money back.

She pointed out how the government increased the prices of every essential item and how they even levy tax on garbage.

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She mentioned how the rates of everything from Petrol to Cooking oil have gone up.

Buggana said how they got One Lakh rupees from the government to which the woman said the government has taken Two Lakh rupees from them.

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Buggana tried to explain price hike is a problem across the country but she would not relent.

Buggana and the officials left the place saying “You do not wish to listen”.