Old-Woman-Shock-Adoni-YSRCP-MLA-SaiPrasadReddyYSR Congress MLAs are reluctantly going to the people in the name of Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam. They could not muster courage due to a lack of basic infrastructure and pending bills to their own cadre.

But the Chief Minister is pushing them to go and they are experiencing the worst experiences as a result. An old woman in Kurnool district shocked YSR Congress MLA Sai Prasad Reddy.

Kurnool District Adoni YSRCP MLA Sai Prasad Reddy toured the 17th ward as part of the Gadapa Gadapa program.

The three-time MLA clearly explained to an old woman the list of the welfare schemes implemented by the government along with numbers.

Later, he asked whom she would vote for in the next elections. The old woman shocked the MLA by saying that she would vote for Chandrababu.

The MLA and his supporters could not hide their embarrassment.

The MLA was seen hitting his head with his hand.

Kurnool is one of the districts where the YSR Congress did a clean sweep in 2019. Sai Prasad Reddy himself won with around 25K votes majority.