Viral Video: TRS Explains Science Behind City Getting FloodedWhenever it rains, several cities and towns in Telangana resemble lakes. We have seen a metropolitan city like Hyderabad flooding last year displacing families. Lack of proper infrastructure – stormwater drains, haphazard city planning, illegal encroachments, etc are the reasons.

But Telangana Minister Gangula Kamalakar has a unique answer when he was asked why Karimnagar is getting flooded. “Karimnagar and other villages are getting flooded. Previously rainwater used to percolate into the ground. But groundwater is already full since KCR has made the state water-rich,” the Minister said.

The minister says that since the groundwater table is already full, the rainwater has no place in the ground and so, is turning into a flood. He requests people not to take it as a government failure. The video has gone viral on social media with people mocking the minister.

Some people say politicians can use anything and everything to their benefit.